A complete solution to manage
and grow your business.

tenex Eco System empowers you to easily manage your business whether it’s
residential, commercial, co-working spaces, company offices, vacation rentals.

why tenex

Service requests management

Every asset whether it’s a building or a community is different in nature and needs, that’s why we take the time to customize your service request options and tackle all your needs and those of your tenants.
Tenants can order services seamlessly with a few clicks, and report their exact needs for the request. On the other hands, your management portal enables you to:

  • View all service requests made by your tenants
  • Track and change the status of service requests
  • Check feedback from tenants about services provided (VoC: Voice of Tenant)
  • Send messages to tenants for follow-up, more in-depth feedback...etc
  • List initial costs of service requests and update them when needed

Realtime reporting and analytics

Asset management needs a strong data strategy to effectively serve evolving customer experience needs. With tenex, you can deeply understand the most important needs of your tenants, and turn those insights into intelligent decisions that improve your asset investment strategy to focus on what matters most, and bring the highest satisfaction and profits.

why tenex
why tenex

Streamline communication

All communication is done through the app; whether it’s chatting, announcements, polls, surveys, or messages inside service requests. Service request comments can also include photos as well for updates and ease of communication. Communication with your tenants has never been easier and more efficient.

Reduce operational costs

Managing the efficiency of your technical services staff has never been easier. Increase effectiveness and reduce the man-hours necessary for completing requests, and eliminate unnecessary communication costs.

why tenex
why tenex

Save time and meet SLA

By knowing the exact time a service request was created, and which stage it is at, you can ensure it’s finalized within the SLA, and increase the happiness and satisfaction of your tenants.

Gain visibility & Deliver
Excellent tenant experience

Find out what your tenants want, and curate experiences that are most desired by your tenants, to make them feel more at home. You can tailor offerings based on data and ongoing usage. You can gain insights about areas of development when you receive multiple requests regarding the same service. You could also connect tenants with the retailers available in your building/community or around them.

why tenex
why tenex

Online payment processing

Service fees collection, rent collection, installment collection, maintenance fees, etc. can be done within tenex

API Integrations

Your one-stop-solution, that could include any app you are already using. It’s a very seamless
operation to integrate any of your current apps from billing to access control into tenex, no need to
replace how you do things or reinvent the wheel. Integrate your apps into tenex and have them all
under one easy-to-use interface.