Who We Help

Property Owners

Commercial real estate has transformed into a user experience business. You can now offer your tenants a tech-enabled, amenity-rich workplace experience without handing your brand over to a third party co-working or flex space provider. With Tenex, attract and retain the best tenants and increase your asset value by providing the best possible experience with the Platform

Asset Managers

Create a great tenant experience that makes your business stand apart from the competition. With Tenex, you can maximize property value by highlighting experience and technology to attract the most innovative residents and drive revenue. Drive additional revenue with technology that tenants can use to interface with retail integrations and onsite amenities

Property Managers

As the property management landscape gets more complicated and even more demanding, simplify your daily tasks and communications, and make your overall operations more efficient with Tenex. We provide you with the instruments needed to stimulate your property, integrate amenities in one Platform, and effectively alert, engage, and connect your tenant communities with content


Add additional value for your clients by bringing Tenex to their properties. By matching the most innovative tenants with the top tech-enabled commercial real estate will improve their ability to recruit and retain talent, and provide overall value to their business


Attract the best talent. Enjoy where you work. Award your team a brand new way to interact with the building, experiences, and people that make up your workplace experience