Leading the Digital Revolution in Real Estate Since 2019

Leading the Digital Revolution in Real Estate Since 2019

Welcome to Tenex, the vanguard of innovation in the real estate domain of the Middle East and Africa. Inspired by the industry's vast potential, we embarked on a bold journey to transform traditional real estate paradigms into an integrated, dynamic ecosystem.

A Paradigm Shift with Our No-Code Platform

Our groundbreaking no-code platform isn't merely a tool—it's a testament to our commitment. By seamlessly connecting both residential and commercial entities, we’re championing a holistic approach to real estate management and engagement. From residents to global enterprises, asset managers to hands-on building teams, and from bustling retailers to individual vendors, Tenex is the nexus that binds them.

Beyond Digital: A Symphony of Integration

At Tenex, we understand that real estate is a mosaic of diverse needs and aspirations. That’s why our platform is meticulously crafted to adapt to each unique scenario while also possessing the muscle to manage vast portfolios. Our ambition? To harmonize the digital realm with the tangible, culminating in an unparalleled user experience.

Solid Foundations, Lofty Ambitions

Our relentless pursuit of excellence has earned the trust of industry titans. Today, with a footprint across over 100 properties in 5 countries, our platform stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Yet, we view this not as the summit but a vantage point from which we envision greater horizons.

Tenex was selected by Sanabil Investments in 2021 as the leading PropTech company in the MENA region. As a result, Sanabil Investments invests in tenex.

Sanabil 500 MENA is a partnership between 500 startups in Silicon Valley & Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF)

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