Employee Experience

Your workplace experience and analytics platform

Use the tenex App to develop your hybrid work strategy. Enable your employees to book meeting rooms or desks. Stay connected with their office communities. Register visitors – and more. From home, from the office – from wherever they're working.

Access control

Enjoy touchless, mobile access for
buildings and parking – for both
employees and visitors.


Room booking

Find the room or desk that's right for you,
with custom filters for a tailored selection
and real-time sync to your office's current
room-booking software.


Desk booking

Use filters to find a book a desk by
floor level and availability.

Offers & Coupons

Get in-app discounts and offers at local
shops and restaurants and track
redemptions to get the offers the matter the
most out of your employees.


Share office updates, faster
a connected workplace
culture and open a two-way
communication channel
essential for a safe, Happy
Office Life.


Create unlimited and
customized dashboards to
Monitor and analyze in-app
communication and revenues,
occupancy, and measure
experience and interaction via
a web-based dashboard,
keeping you informed of the
latest insights.


Optimize parking availability
and management with
real-time insights into actual
use. Find and book parking
spots before you or your
visitors arrive – or release
those not in use

Pulse Surveys

Tenex polls and surveys
allow you to collect real time
data and insights with a
click of a button. Design
surveys, Schedule them,
Analyze and take action.


Share office updates, high-
lights, and happenings – and
request RSVPs – with push
event notifications


Office space availability,
real-time occupancy, 'smart'
connections with
environmental and occupancy
sensors – get the control you
need to work efficiently and

Local services &

Quickly find an overview of
available local services and
classes, such as car washes,
yoga studios, and massage
parlors, then directly book
and pay

Service requests

Ensure cleaning,
maintenance, or safety
issues are reported and
dealt with as quickly as
possible, with AI
smart-scanning technology
and ticket tracking within a
centralized system

Visitor management

Pre-register expected visitors,
ensuring smooth and efficient

Weather updates

Get current and forecasted
location-specific whether
directly via the app


Write and post reviews of
maintenance requests,
booked rooms, events, or
food and drink orders

Experience the tenex edge

The modular technology behind tenex allows you to tailor and customize features for the exact actual needs of your property. You can plug and play features at the buildings, region and portfolio levels; with minimal effort via a seamless smart dashboard.